Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Welcome to the College Blog!

     When I joined the staff at Fordham we were inspired by the ever impressive MIT admissions blog and I was one of the three people on staff that was asked to blog for the office. I'm about 95% sure I was the only one actually excited about the task, but needless to say one thing led to another and the blog never went live. . .
    Fast forward a few years and now I've transitioned to working as the college counselor at Eleanor Roosevelt High School and I couldn't be more happy with my job. I have been working to post weekly (ahem, sometimes bi weekly) newsletters with a column at the start but my hunch is that the newsletters go largely unnoticed. I understand why: they are not posted the same time each week and they are a little on the long side will all of the updates and announcements. It also takes a few clicks and opening a pdf to see them. So I got to thinking it would be easier, and maybe a little more fun, to start a blog instead.
    Posts will run the gamut from application advice, college related national news, my own experiences with working on both sides of the admissions desk, financial aid, and general ElRo College Office announcements (sorry those, in combination with my pesky emails to students, won't be going anywhere).
    You can follow the blog posts by subscribing via the links on the right. There will also be a link on the ElRo College Office website. Hopefully the things I post here will be useful for students and parents alike. The college process can be stressful, but I'm a firm believer that information and action pave the way to reducing that stress. Having a positive attitude and approaching this topic from a place of calm are the first steps toward a healthy college process. With over 3,700 colleges and universities in the United States to choose from, there are multiple options out there for every student to find the right 'fit.'
    Thanks for reading!