Thursday, April 29, 2010

Three Cheers for the College Fair!

Yesterday we successfully completed the 3rd Annual Unique NYC College Fair and I have to start with a huge amount of thanks to everyone involved. Mr. Saliani was able to join us to represent our school during the lunch reception for the representatives. The remarks from the principals really are a unique part of our fair, in my years working in admissions I've never seen that anywhere else. I want to thank Irene, Tess, and Orion for representing the Class of 2010 and being ambassadors for our school. I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Ms. Altadonna, Mr. Joyce, and Ms. Marisol Cruz for helping to escort our students over to the fair.

I have to give the largest amount of thanks to LAB for hosting the event each year and truly putting in the long hours of preparation work that goes into planning such a large event. Our school and PTA support the fair financially and we bring our students to participate, but LAB's commitment is quite significant and I'm thrilled to be included in their company.

For me, some of the most exciting parts of yesterday included: Saying hello to reps that visited ElRo in the fall and having them tell me that they had seen Juniors that they had previously met at the ElRo Fall visit (and remembered). This is the power of the college fair! Making connections, standing out from the crowd, and showing demonstrated interest! I also had the luck of running into an old friend from my days at in graduate admissions, it was a really welcome surprise.

I wish more juniors had been able to attend, but I hope for the ones that did they were able to get something positive out of it. The college journey is a long one and college fairs are a great way to take the first few steps. I hope students took my advice from the handout that was distributed and really did push themselves to talk with at least three schools that they had not previously heard of.

I can't wait to bring the class of 2012 to the 4th Annual Fair next year!