Monday, June 7, 2010

Chancellor's Day - Use it or Lose it!

A common concern of students and families is that they have to visit campuses during weekend mornings or in the heart of summer when there is very little happening on campus. One potential fix to this dilemma is taking advantage of Chancellor's day to complete a college visit that is within one day's driving distance. As a mid-week school day, it is a wonderful time to try and get the best of both worlds. It allows you to visit a college when professors are possibly there and the Admissions Office is open without having to have an unexcused absence from school.

Below I have done just a very quick search of some schools that are within driving (or MTA) distance and would allow students to see a campus before the end of the year.

This is just a short list - feel free to explore Admissions websites and see what other schools are offering tours and information sessions. Click on the name of the school and it will take you to the visit website for that school.

Thursday, June 10

NYU - 10:00 am Tour

Marist - call to inquire 845-575-3226

Tufts - 9:15, 11:30, 2:30 Tours (yes, I know Boston is a stretch for a one day drive. Go Jumbos!)

Wesleyan 9:00 am , Noon, 3 pm Tours

Clark 12:30 pm Clark Conversations 1:30 pm Tour

SUNY Purchase - 10:00 am Tour

City University of New York - CUNY - 11:00 am Tour

Drew University - 10:00 am, Noon, 3:00 pm Tours

Google your own!

Remember, even if a parent/guardian had to work students will (hopefully) be going to college all on their own. Taking a trip to one of these more local campuses (especially in the five boroughs) can be done all by yourself. Be sure to register ahead of time if you can. All city students will be off school, so it could be crowded!