Monday, November 8, 2010


broken record

If I had a nickel for every question I've answered in the past week about . . . . It seems there are a few common questions that keep coming up - please see below for the answers!

Our School Code is 333648

My title is College Counselor (Though honestly, you can call me Guidance Counselor, College Adviser, I'm really not picky . . . and neither are the colleges)

My phone number is 212 772 1220 x4

ElRo's Fax number is 212 772 1440

ElRo does not offer Honors classes. Colleges will know this because they will get a copy of our school profile with your transcript.  They understand that because we don't have a traditional 'tracked' system, we don't have a need for Honors classes because all students are working at a rigorous level. We do offer a small number of AP courses and College English, all of which are weighted.

The GPA can be found on the transcript. It should also be accurate in Naviance.

Our school is annualized, so final grades are posted once per year. An academic class that meets 5 days per week is worth 2.0 credits per year. An elective class that meets fewer days per week is worth 1.0 credits per year (or 0.5 credits per semester if the course is only one semester long).

We do not run on a trimester system. You just leave the column blank on the Common App.

We do not rank.

When in doubt, check the school website first. Most information you need should be there (or on our 2011 profile).

Happy Applying!