Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Letter of Recommendation Requests

Today, Juniors are getting a form where they will indicate who will be writing their letters of recommendation (due next Fall with their applications to many colleges around the country). Students should ask one or two ElRo teachers if they would be willing to write their recommendation letters. If they agree to write, the teacher signs their name on the form and the completed form is then returned to me. Then, in the Fall, students will get the sheet back and be asked to re-confirm with each teacher.

The form is due back next Wednesday so I can enter the recommenders into Naviance and speedy teachers can get to work uploading their letters over the summer.

Who to choose? Think about a teacher that knows you well. Think about someone that can speak to your level of involvement in class and your ability to think critically. What classes have really given you the opportunity to shine? Some students also have teachers that they know both inside and outside of the classroom. While this is primarily an academic letter of reference, a teacher that also serves as a coach or club adviser can perhaps share how they have seen you in a leadership role or how your character comes through in your extracurricular activities.

I'm asking for TWO names. More than that gets pretty repetitive most of the time. And trust me, the teachers put in a lot of work doing these letters. You won't offend them by not asking them. If you really want that third person's opinion included, have them send me an email with 2-3 sentences that they would have put in the letter. I can then quote them in MY guidance letter. Now everyone is happy ;)

If you end up losing your paper that you get today, you can download the 'Recommendation Confirmation from Teachers' form from the Junior section of the College Office ElRo website.

**For all of you students out there, the picture above consists of all the parts of something called a typewriter. In ancient times people used these to type letters. On paper. Image