Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where did the year go?!

I realize I probably say this every year, but holy moly, this year went fast! I know I've only posted a few times recently, but hope to get back to my old pace soon. As the year draws to a close, below I've listed a few general comments for both graduating and rising seniors.

Graduating seniors: you did it! It is such an exciting time for you to be closing one chapter and starting another! You are the largest group of graduates that our school has ever seen. From a college counseling prospective, this was challenging for me. :) I wrote almost 120 letters of recommendation and processed over 1,250 applications and there were times when I felt like getting it all accomplished would be impossible. But we've made it and I'm thrilled to say that every graduate has a plan to enroll in some form of post secondary education next year. As a public school counselor, I am humbled to be fortunate enough to be able to say that. The committment that our school has to the college counseling process is far too rare - many thanks to the PTA for their continued financial support. Without them, and their support for things like Naviance and my attendance at professional development conferences like NACAC, the college process at our school would look very very different.

Rising seniors: buckle up! The next year is going to be exciting, difficult, frustrating, tiring, thrilling, and scary. Just remember that ALL the information you need is right there for you to find - if you start feeling confused or overwhelmed, go back to the drawing board. Use resources like Naviance, the college office handbook, and this blog to try and sift through the myths and find the facts. You will get into college. And you can even have fun doing it if you remember to honor your strengths.

End of the year announcements: graduating seniors, your final transcript will automatically be sent on the last day of school to the college that you have listed in Naviance. No further action by you is required. Rising seniors, if you want to take Kaplan test prep at ElRo for the October SAT, the classes start August 18th and you need to register online at The course is $500, but scholarship discounts are available for students that qualify.

Summer is almost here, dive in!