Thursday, July 12, 2012

College Summit: Indiana Edition!

After working in the world of college admissions for two years, I had the luck and good fortune to be hired by the New York City Dept of Education as a college counselor. Part of my role, I was told by the new school, was that I would be the coordinator of a program called College Summit. So, before I'd even stepped foot in the school as a counselor, I was sent off to a four day workshop at St. John's University as a writing coach and chaperone.

Five summers later I'm no longer the college counselor at that NYC high school, but I have returned each summer as a volunteer with College Summit, an organization that aims to build a college going culture in schools where there is not one. The summer workshop takes about 10 peer leaders from each of the College Summit schools and gives them a four day intensive experience where they will write their personal statement, learn about life on a college campus, and meet with a college counselor. ANY college graduate out there reading this can apply to be a writing coach and admissions or guidance professionals can apply to be a college coach. Every year it is a great experience!

Over the next four days I will be a college coach at Indiana State University. This is my first time at a workshop in the Midwest and I'm excited to work with a new population of students!