Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Thanks Siena!

Earlier this summer, I was able to participate in a counselor visit program at Siena College, located in Albany, New York. This Franciscan (Catholic) college proved that it has a lot to offer. The small student body allows for personalized and individualized education. Their founding principles are: Diversity, Optimism, Respect, and Service.

They had, hands down, one of the best student panels I have ever listened to (and this marks my 126th campus visit). The fact that it occurred during the summer is even more mind blowing (typically the options for students to hand pick from is much more limited over the summer since the majority of students are not on campus). What I liked about it is they really presented a wide variety of students, each passionate about their academic interests and reasons for picking Siena. Unique programs include: an 8 year medical combined degree program, an honors division, and a Bonner Scholarship program for students committed to community service.

Siena is now testing optional (yay!) but note that demonstrated interest does count. A little over half of the applicants are granted admission. They are also very supportive of transfer students, so if they don't admit a student they are willing to work with them to find a way for them to potentially transfer in the future if they are seriously interested in Siena.

Overall, it was a really lovely campus visit and Siena was a great host. For students open to going to a small school located near Albany, this would make a solid addition to the list. The staff and students were welcoming and energetic -- two very important things!

Thanks Siena!