Monday, December 4, 2017

Thanks Pace University!

This past Friday, I attended a counselor day at the Manhattan campus of Pace University. With so many schools in the NYC area, I'm always excited at the chance to see a campus that is new to me. Though I'm familiar with Pace and knew about their offerings generally, nothing beats walking around the buildings and seeing the students in person.

The first thing that I found out is that the Pace Manhattan campus is actually larger (in terms of student body) than the Pleasantville campus, this was not something I had realized! They are home to over 6,000 students and have four high rise dorms in the Financial District (many with UNREAL views-- see above) ready to house students looking for an urban college experience. (About 70% of freshman live on campus).

When counselors were given the chance to dive a little deeper into certain aspects of the school, I opted to learn more about the Honors program and the Computer Science Department. The Honors program sounds like a great potential fit for many ElRo students. The criteria for Honors admission includes having at least a 90 average and scoring above a 27/1270 on the standardized admission tests. The program includes an automatic scholarship of at least $15,000 per year and gives students access to take at least 8 honors classes during their tenure at Pace. The Computer Science department is also clearly a place full of passionate students. It was emphasized that a prior background in coding or computers is not required in order to be successful, so long as the student is a problem solver and comes ready to learn.

Other attractive elements of Pace include the performing arts department (though these programs are not for the casual performer, plan on an audition and competitive programs with limited seats).

Thank you to Pace for hosting this event!