Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Featured College Blog: T is for the T

So there are lots and lots of College Blogs out there and I figured every once in awhile I should share a few that I find particularly enjoyable. As I mentioned in my first post, MIT is considered the real trail blazer when it comes to Admissions Blogs. But their foresight a few years ago has really blossomed into a huge trend in higher ed with schools reaching out to students and families through a blog format.

For today, I bring your attention to 'T is for the T' a blog by Chase Gregory '12 that comes from my alma mater and is mostly awesome for the fact that, unlike a traditional blog, it is a blog made up of comic strips. Above you'll find one sample. I selected it because Joe Litvak was my freshman adviser and I find Chase's obsession with the English Department rather endearing.

There are two great things about this blog. 1) I think it does help embody a spirit of a student at Tufts, something that is hard to do with glossy admissions brochures. 2) Did I mention it is a bunch of comics? College admissions is usually stressful and complicated and headache inducing. Chase's comics remind us that much of college is actually about smiling and growing and living.

It was hard to pick just one comic to feature, so check out the whole blog for yourself by clicking here.

(*and for those curious how the story from the above comic turns out, a later comic in fact reveals that there was indeed a party thrown)