Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting Down to Business . . .

The year is already off to a great start and I want to take a minute to go over the basic items that each grade level should be working on right now.

  - Scheduling/Having your Senior Meeting - Many apologies, but if you are applying Regular Decision your meeting will likely be in November. I'm here for you though, so if you need help before then, please reach out.
 - Last minute college visits - Be mindful of when you do these, as we want you to be in school as much as possible.
- Final Testing - You have until November to Re-Test if you applying Early, until December if you are applying Regular.
- Applications - begin applications online. CUNY, SUNY, and public out of State schools should be filed no later than Thanksgiving, but the earlier the better. If you have a late meeting, just email me to discuss ahead of time, before pressing submit.
- Use our resources: essay help, Guidance interns, Naviance, Walk In Wednesdays, College Handbook - there are many ways to get support if you need it. No question is a bad question.

- Consider taking the Mock ACT this weekend
- PSAT will be October 13, learn more here
- Junior year is the last year colleges will see on your final transcript when they are making decisions next year, start strong so you won't be scrambling in the spring to bring up low grades.
- I know it seems early, but if you want to take the SAT at ElRo in the Spring, register for your seat now at Most Juniors take the exam in March, May, or June.

-PSAT will be October 13, learn more here
- Building strong relationships with your teachers and being involved in your community (school, neighborhood, church, youth center . . . ) will help bring your life into balance. These networks are building blocks for the steps you'll take in the future.

-Welcome to ElRo! I'm so excited to be at Ramapo with you!
- Focus on the adjustment to high school, college will come later
- Remember your grades from 9th grade will be seen by colleges, so start off on the right foot.