Monday, November 21, 2011

MP1 Grades

MP1 Grades came out on Friday. I hope that any cases of Senioritis have been fought off with lots of Vitamin C and rest, because high school lasts for four years and dramatic changes in the last year can mean not such good things when it comes to college admissions.

MP grades do not appear on ElRo transcripts. Only final grades will be added to transcripts in June. Therefore, if your college needs to see your senior grades, you need to check the 'mid year grades' box on the transcript request form. If checked, I will add you to my list to send your MP1 and MP2 grades in January (because January is mid-year). Be aware that attendance, lateness, and teacher comments can be seen on the report card. Be sure you are proud of all elements, not just your grades.

If you need MP1 grades sent to an EA or ED school, please confirm with me via email that I have that noted on my list. I plan to work on mailing out the EA/ED grades today for those that requested it. We can't guarantee that the school will get them in time, but we can certainly try. Not every college will consider senior grades (ie University of Maryland) and others still require mid year grades (ie Syracuse University) so just be sure to check the college's website to review their individual policy.

Keep working hard as we enter MP2 - the finish line is getting closer every day!