Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November halfway over?!

Crazy as it is - we have reached the halfway point for November so application completion should really be going full force for all seniors. Below are the reminders and tips I would give to all seniors during this time:

1) The time to apply for CUNY, if you have not already, is now. Don't dilly dally, just do it. Flat fee of $65 for six campuses. Be sure that your list includes some options where you are in range profile wise (translation: don't only put Baruch and Hunter if your grades or SAT are lower than their averages). There is no essay and all you have to do for your transcript to be sent over is enter in your OSIS number (school ID number). No excuses for this not to be done already. If you are applying via Macaulay Honors you have until December 1, so get going if you haven't already!

2) The time to apply to public schools (SUNY and out of state) is now. I recommend getting public school applications submitted by Thanksgiving.

3) Clean up your Common App and only have colleges listed in your Common App account where you actually plan to apply. A new feature on Naviance this year syncs your Naviance list and your Common App list. Sounds great, until you realize that the Naviance list all of sudden has 17 schools because the student has 8 'maybes' in their Common App account. Fine for the interim, just be positive that you delete the schools from the Common App once you rule them out and also remove them from your Naviance list if they are lingering there.

4) I recommend a maximum of 10 schools, but many students ignore the first part and just hear the 10 part. Don't feel pressure to apply to 10 just for the heck of it. Be thoughtful about your list. As long as you have balance: some reach, some target, some likely that you LIKE your list is fine as it is. I only applied to four schools and I survived.

5) Don't forget to order official score reports from the testing company.

6) Even if you applied EA or ED to your top choice schools, you should still be working on your other applications right now. We hope, of course, that you'll be admitted EA/ED, but in case you are deferred or denied you want the other apps to be totally ready to go so you don't have to work on them when you are still mourning the disappointment of the EA/ED decision. Trust me, you won't regret it.

7) Breathe. Repeat. And in the words of my fourth grade teacher: when in doubt, read the directions.

(Image is of Kenyon College - how gorgeous!)