Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Action Needed by Juniors!

On February 13, students from the class of 2013 were given their Naviance registration information - something significant in the path toward college applications but something also significant because it unlocks the chance for a student to sign up for their Junior College Meeting.

What do students need to do to get their meeting set up?

First, complete the Junior Survey (listed on Naviance, on the left of the About Me tab, see below). Please note, the survey will timeout if the page is not refreshed, so save often if you are not able to complete it in one sitting. This survey is required before you get a junior meeting because it is the foundation of your college file and can sometimes be used in your guidance letter of recommendation. This survey is for STUDENTS ONLY. Parents were mailed a paper survey where they can contribute to the student's file.

After you submit your survey, go to the Naviance home page and click on the bottom right hand side where there is a link about making your Junior College Meeting (see below). This will take you to a Google survey where you will tell me your preference for your Junior meeting. Remember, you may not miss class for your meeting, so you'll need to give me all the periods during the week when you are not in class (this includes lunch periods). This form should be completed by the student (it is linked with their ElRo email) with the input of parents/guardians.

Once the Junior survey on Naviance and Google based meeting request form is submitted you should hear from me within a few days with the day and time of your meeting. Meetings are given out on a first come/first serve basis so I strongly recommend taking advantage of this February break to get these items in.