Friday, February 10, 2012

Junior Kick Off!


I've been waiting for this week for awhile now - the start of the college process for students that came to ElRo the same year that I did! Well Class of 2013, the time is now! On Monday, we had the official kickoff to the college process with our College Office assembly. Students heard a very broad overview of the process in an assembly and were also given a paper copy of the College Office Handbook to hopefully take home, read, and share with parents/guardians. As an aside, each student will only get one hard copy of the handbook, so guard it well and don't lose it! Just in case, a digital copy of the College Office Handbook can be found here

Next Monday, Seniors will visit Advisory classes to present on how to use Naviance and then Juniors will register for their Naviance accounts. (Registration codes will be emailed to students on Monday and every student is expected to sign up by mid-week).

Once registered with Naviance, Juniors should complete their Junior Naviance Survey and then fill out the Junior Meeting Request online form in order to be assigned their Junior meeting with me. I know that is a lot of steps-- so, let's summarize:

1) Get trained on Naviance on Monday
2) Log in to ElRo email, get registration code, and sign in to Naviance for the first time
3) Fill out Junior Survey on Naviance
4) Using link posted on Naviance, fill out Junior Meeting Request
5) Keep an eye on your inbox to find out when your Junior meeting will be!