Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hey Seniors, Slow Your Roll

I know how tempting it is to want to get working on college applications. Right? Well, there are two camps of students: those that answer yes and those that answer no. If you said yes, I'm here to plead with you to please resist the urge to press submit right now. As you can read for yourself in this New York Times article (click here), even the Dean's at these colleges want to remind you that applying over the summer gives you absolutely no advantage over the rest of the pool. As stated in the article, by author Jacques Steinberg, ". . . there is no reason to apply five months in advance, let alone two, and that they [the colleges] are far more inclined to put a premium on thoughtfulness and contemplation than speed."

Keep in mind, submitting an application now will do nothing, because the college will still need to wait for your school transcript, letters of recommendation, and at the majority of schools your test scores from the testing company. All of which won't be happening for at least another month or two.

And don't get me wrong, it isn't your fault. The barrage of mailings sent to you from colleges does give the impression that there needs to be a Tazmanian Devil-esque frenzy around the application process. The 'Priority Applications' makes it seem like the colleges are doing you a favor by asking you to apply. Trust me whey I say the only thing 'Priority' about them is that they want to make their school your priority, not the other way around. Just take your time, be thoughtful, and file your application by the stated deadline.

ElRo Seniors, the rule in the past has been that you should not be submitting any college applications until AFTER your senior meeting. Or, at the very least until after our Senior College Assembly. This does not mean you cannot start working on the applications or that you can tell your parents that Ms. Cohen said there was nothing college related to do until after the meeting. I just ask that you don't press submit until we chat so that we can all be on the same page. With all of this said, if you feel you have the most time during the summer and want to take a look at the application, fill out the basic name/address/info on the Common App and generally organize your application 'to do' list, you have my blessing to proceed.