Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unigo's Best Kept Secrets

I'm not always a huge fan of internet lists (or ranking-type-things in general) because I find it challenging to ever determine which schools are 'best' and the follow up discussion inevitably devolves into asking 'where is X school' or 'how could Y school not be on there' but in this case I'm going to make an exception. One, because it gives me an excuse to plug my pet project of getting an ElRo student to enroll at Wabash* (pictured above), but also because Unigo.com was founded by one of the students featured in the book The Gatekeepers, which was the focus of one of my earlier posts. I'm a sucker for when things connect.

The list of Unigo's 'Best Kept Secrets' includes a nice mix of places with different features and strengths. The one thing they have in common is that they focus more on student education and less on branding and publicity. Check out the list for yourself and see if anything peaks your interest. In addition to Wabash, this list includes Sarah Lawrence and Bard, two schools I visited this summer (more connections!) and bunches of schools from the CTCL list.

While I certainly wouldn't say these schools are perfect for everyone, I would be thrilled if I had a student enroll with them.

*Wabash is a Men's College but don't worry girls, I'll be over the moon if one of you decide to deposit in the Hoosier State. Check out Notre Dame, DePauw, IU, Purdue, Butler, or Earlham!!